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Siargao Islands Philppines
"Surfing Capital of the Philippines"
Siargao Island Boat Trips

A magical place, overhung by JunGeneral Lunae cliffs where you can swim into caves with bats, strange fishes, stalactites and rock oysters, weird corals, pitcher plants, cycads and wild orchids. But take a flashlight and go when the tide is low during mid day. The only entrance to the lagoon is through a natural cave tunnel, hanging with stalactites and with strong currents.

You can organize your boat trips and get a take away cold box with ice, soft drinks and beer, on a sale or return basis, plus a good, solid, packed lunch for a day out from the PUB.

Around General Luna, you should pop across the lagoon to Guyam, the perfect palm-fringed islet, Dako and it's white sand beach, coral reefs and friendly villagers. Or visit Pansukian (Naked Island) a white sand spit with coral all around. If you are feeling brave or foolhardy, try rocky, jun General Lunaed Hanoyoy, and see if all the talk about buried treasures and wok-woks (forest spirits) are really true. Beyond Dako are La Janosa, Mamon and little Antokon, with crystal clear water, coral reefs and white sand, rolling breakers and friendly villagers.

Down towards Union from General Luna is Pansukian Resort (Rambo's)- very up market. Until the bridge across to Union is repaired, you'll have to call a fisherman's boat to ferry you or you can swim across. You could stop in Latitude 9 resort, by Union, which has a good beach and good refreshment at Neneng's in town.

Up the coast, just past Pilar, is Magpapungko, and it's natural rock swimming hole. Scoured clean by every tide, it is a great place for a picnic. Beyond, you could go to Pacifico, Burgos or Alegria, all with great beaches and surf breaks. Jun Gonzales has surf camps in Pilar, Pacifico and Burgos, and knows more about that coast than anybody. Dipo Richard has an amazing bamboo resort and makes revolutionary bamboo finish surf boards in Burgos, where the wind and waves sometimes give surf when ti's not working at General Luna. there are cottages to rent at Alegria which has a beautiful beach.

On the west coast of Siargao are Kaob, Poneas island and Del Carmen (Numancia). Kaob, with it's own secret lagoon, pristine corals and beaches. Poneas island has a whole slew of coral islands, junGeneral Lunae and limestone mountains. Del Carmen, frindged with mangrove forest, one should not miss the famous crocodile.

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Siargao Islands Philippines

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