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"Surfing Capital of the Philippines"
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At Maridyl's or Lalay's in the main street, you can get cheap beer, Filipino food, and take in the street scene or another action video. Ruth has great chicken & pork barbecue, just between the two. Out at Cloud 9, you could try Snag Miguel's beach bar and restaurant, or 5 Lyns cafe in Katangnan, The Green Room or JunGeneral Lunae Reef and maybe Veneria's Karaoke/disco. In the evening, after nine, try the Melvinbo Disco, for sweaty group bopping, or Seven-Eleven Karaoke/Restaurant (the restaurant isnt' up to much, but the singers are great and you could even try a song yourself), in town. They are a bit primitive, but good fun. Opposite Seven Eleven is El Nino Loco, a bit of an up-market bar.

But, if you want a really good quality feed at reasonable prices (Prawns or fish steaks in batter or banana leaves, curry, spaghetti, fish soup, mash, salad, etc), ice cold beer, breakfast (try Surfer's superfry), the infamous game of Squares, pool, backgammon, or chess, good music, great chat and a pleasant atmosphere, you must of course go to thePUB. It's down by the sea in General Luna itself. Go down the main street to the school, turn left, right at the end of the concrete, and straight on, or turn 2nd left after the bridge coming from Cloud 9.

Siargao Islands Philippines

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